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There is nothing you can't build

Daniel Amesberger Hello! I am a software and electronics guy based in Vienna, Austria.

I started programming GW-BASIC in the end of the ’80s and moved on to Assembly, C and C++ in the mid-`90s. In 2000 I started to teach Visual C++ classes for Siemens and co-authored the Book “MFC/Visual C++” in 2001. As soon as .NET was born in 2002 I started programming C# as well, later other languages followed like Javascript/Typescript, Python and Rust. Also I have a strong interest in electronics engineering which is my second hobby turned into a business. I was one of the two CEOs of Bluebridge Technologies from 2001-2003 and left the company in 2003 to start my own company Amescon, which started out as a software company but later also offered mechanical and electronics engineering as well.

In the last 20 years I was lucky enough to lead several dozen exciting projects with my company ranging from cash handling automation and banking alarm systems to IoT sensors. My focus is always on learning new technologies and not staying too long in one niche. That enabled me to pull off projects that need a lot of interdisciplinary work in the area of software/mechanical/electronics engineering. Now I am mostly interested in supporting others by building proof-of-concept software/hardware prototypes using the latest technologies.

When I am not building things I enjoy climbing, mountainbiking, surfing and skiing and travelling.